September 14, 2005
Napa AP: Class handouts now available online

The AP class handouts collected at Napa are now available as free PDF files, accessible only to existing AP students. Click on any link in the list below, put in the username and password (write me and I'll tell you what they are), and then, either open the file using Adobe Reader (already on most computers), or save it to your local hard drive for viewing later.

The Adobe Reader software is free. If you don't have it on your computer, click on the button below to download and install.


The list below is only the sessions that had handouts. For a complete list of past sessions see Napa AP Past Gatherings.

Please remember these handouts fall loosely under the AP confidentiality statement and are copyright Steven. You should not share any of his written material widely, and never for exchange or sale without his written permission.

NAPA AP: Course Handouts

FALL 2000 handouts
Natal Symbols -- click here
SPRING 2001 handouts
Transits & Progressions -- click here
SPRING 2002 handouts
Synastry I -- click here
FALL 2002 handouts
Module: Rectification -- click here
SPRING 2003 handouts
Module: Astromapping & Relocation -- click here
FALL 2003 handouts
Module: Electional Astrology -- click here
FALL 2004 handouts
Moon Intensive -- click here
SPRING 2005 handouts
Synastry II: Composites w/Nodes -- click here

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