January 01, 2005
AP Group: History

In May of 1998, Steven started three different "tracks" of what he calls his "Apprenticeship Program" (AP), intended for people familiar with his work who wanted to consider becoming professional, and/or who wanted to deepen their skill with the symbols in terms of providing useful readings to clients in a counseling context.

Steven originally envisioned his program to consist of a "core" of 6 four-day gatherings, approximately 6 months apart. The first phase of three sessions would be mainly lecture, going more deeply into the material covered in his books, but also allowing students to ask questions. The second phase would be three coaching sessions, where we would primarily be encouraged to practice speaking the symbols and "crafting" a reading to a client that 1) is in common English, 2) touches their hearts, and 3) empowers THEM to their highest path.

And beyond the first 6 core sessions, Steven would continue to teach the apprenticeship groups as long as there was interest.

To read more of Steven's vision for the Apprenticeship Program (AP), click here.

One "track" of the Apprenticeship Program (AP) started in Kansas City, and the other two started in Laguna Beach, California. However, within the Laguna Beach groups, there was a significant contingent who wanted a group in Northern California. So in Spring 2000 the Southern group consolidated into one and moved to San Diego, leaving the other to "branch off" in Northern California. The first Northern California retreat was in September 2000, and was a mixture of both continuing students and newcomers.

The Southern California (San Diego) group is the oldest group and continues to thrive with each gathering. They finished the six core sessions in May 2001, but both the students and Steven have enjoyed themselves so much that they're devoted to continuing indefinitely.

The Northern California (Napa) group, on the other hand, set its own tone with a new residential retreat format and continues to be very exciting and unique. With the reorganization, the Napa program also evolved into a sort of "second wave" of the Apprenticeship Program. Steven went back somewhat to cover basic material, but in a deeper, richer, and more condensed way, since most of us were fairly sophisticated in our understanding of the symbols, and several of us had had experience with him before. Currently Napa has also completed the six core sessions and are continuing with elective topics chosen by the group for each next gathering.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City group decided to disband at the end of their core six sessions. They no longer meet.

Participation among the two continuing apprenticeship groups is very flexible. San Diego and Napa cooperate and share basic format, and the "curriculum" is not sequential. Attending an apprenticeship gathering is more like satsang. We gain from time with our "master" and there's always something to learn. Some students miss gatherings, while others attend both groups, depending on topic and schedule. And each group welcomes newcomers each time. The AP is an evolving, growing "family" whose doors are open to those motivated to gain from what Steven has to offer. We make new friends and meet old ones at each session.

Participants range from working professional astrologers interested in deepening their work, to therapists, counselors and healers of various sorts, to just plain amateurs wanting to take their knowledge further and begin to offer something to others. People come from as far away as Australia, Argentina, Finland, Canada, as well as New York, Massachussetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Colorado to join in.

The focus of the AP as we move into the future remains on whole charts, whole human dynamics, the evolutionary perspective, and heart-based awareness, more than disconnected symbols and/or theory.

See also Information for Newcomers.

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