September 23, 2005
AP MEXICO! March 3-8, 2006

Curicaveri, by Rodrigo Pimental


Join astrologer Steven Forrest in the ancient and magical highlands of Mexico as we journey through history and consider our evolutionary place in the cycles of time. Our destination is Patzcuaro, or Pueblo Magico (Magic City), a beautiful colonial town in the mountains above Morelia, Michoacan, where the indigenous Purepecha, or Tarascan, people were never conquered and still thrive. In the Purepecha language, Patzcuaro also means "door of heaven", or "place where darkness begins", apt I think for our exploration.

Join us as we explore beyond and within in this magical and colorful place. Early registration recommended. Limited to 30 participants.

Great Cultural Passages and Our Role in the Eons

Historical and mythic change affect us all very personally, but we are like mayflies watching a glacier - the pace of cultural evolution is too slow for us to make much sense of it, even though we are swept along in its currents. The very meaning of the astrological symbols is shifting under our feet. Would an 1856 interpretation of "Mars in a woman’s chart" would have any meaning today? How has our understanding of sexual orientation changed? Or national boundaries, or religion, or the human future?

Behind the headlines and the social confusion, humanity is evolving. This evolution is clearly represented in astrological symbolism. Everything unfolds against the epochal backdrop of the shift from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. Punctuating that change are pivotal outer planetary alignments - the Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the 1890s, the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s, the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of the 1990s, the long-running Neptune-Pluto sextile. Helping it along we have the shifting combinations of outer planets in the signs. All of these events have meaning when they happening - and they live on in the birthcharts of the children born under them, who go on to bear fruit in the world for decades after. All of us are riding these waves - and no astrologer can be effective in this changing world without understanding them.

- see also Mexico challenge

This topic promises to provide a fresh perspective for advanced students as well as being uniquely accessible to people without much technical astrological knowledge. Feel free to invite your partners and friends! Recommended minimum advance reading is The Inner Sky. Partners not attending the class are also welcome to come on this trip -- see below for more info.


- B&B check-in: Fri, March 3, 2006
- B&B check-out: Wed, March 8, 2006
- Class: March 4-7, 2006
- Class hours: Afternoons and evenings
- Mornings free for optional excursions or personal exploration

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