January 01, 2005
AP Group: Definition

1. To belong to the AP family or community, you need to have attended at least one 4-day AP gathering, in either Kansas City, Laguna Beach, San Diego or Napa.

2. All AP members have access to study materials, example readings, tapes, and transcripts that are confidential within the AP community and not available publicly. See the AP Confidentiality statement for more detail.

3. AP members are considered "apprentices" to Steven Forrest, and earn certificates from him after attendance at a certain number of gatherings.

4. Attending at at least 3 AP gatherings entitles students to a Level I certificate, for studying with Steven for a minimum of 96 hours. A Level II certificate is awarded to people who attend a minimum of 6 sessions, or 192 hours.

5. After receiving a Level I certificate, students have the option of being listed on Steven's website, in his Directory of Astrologers trained by Steven Forrest.

6. Even if someone has only attended an AP session once, anywhere, they are still considered in AP.

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