September 07, 2005
AP: Mexico challenge

For those of you who are coming to Mexico, I have a challenge. Homework in a way. Since our topic will be Mexico, and the range of time we'll be dialing closer in on is primarily the last 125 years, from the late 1880's, I suggest we look at the history of Mexico, within the context of what was happening in the wider world. Of course we will touch on the US, how could we not? But Mexico was very interesting in the early part of the 20th century especially. Mexico City was the refuge of socialists, rebels, misfits, thinkers and artists, all within the vestiges of Old Spain left behind in the New World. To say nothing of the rich indigenous cultures all around this beautiful country, contrasting with snappy new mores and a creative scene second to none.

So. As we start to make our descent, we begin to focus in on 18__, and start counting the decades forward. We take a look at the times we live in, relative to other times in the past, some similar, some not, but linking us to history. And Mexico is a great addition to our understanding of global events.

Frida Kahlo, 1907-1954

Have a look at Mexican history. Look at its politics, art, place in the world. Have fun! We'll contemplate universal themes mirrored in this colorful context as we go along. Flame on!

"Tree of Hope, "Frida Kahlo 1946

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