January 01, 2005
AP Group: Confidentiality

The AP groups have chosen to create a container of confidentiality. for the work we do together. The classes are not merely Steve lecturing -- they are also conversations and sharing from our life stories.

Mostly nothing we say is earth-shattering, but it can sometimes be very personal, which means it is also sometimes sensitive.

Furthermore, as a guiding principle, we are trying to create a safe group container, where people can feel comfortable sharing freely, within the bounds of mutual love and respect.

And even if people are open, which varies widely, it would be difficult to get "global" permission to share recordings of private group conversations, to the general public.

Thus we ask that participants respect the group desire and also not share session tapes or other materials with anyone outside the AP.

Companion to that is the collection of example readings by Steven, which are also personal, yet donated to the study pool with the understanding that they will be heard only within the AP, because we have chosen to respect confidentiality -- and they won't distributed publicly.

I hope this explains WHY the AP materials are confidential.

Vinessa • 06:00 AM •

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