January 01, 2005
Napa AP: Information for Newcomers

Newcomers ARE welcome. Read below to learn more about joining the group.

Steven's apprenticeship groups (AP) have been meeting for several years now, and are continuing to meet on a regular basis in two locations: Napa in March and September, and San Diego in May and November. For more on the history of the AP, click here.

People often write me and ask whether it would be awkward to join a group that is already established and ongoing.... The answer is not at all!, with a little information which I will give you here.

The apprenticeship "curriculum" is not strict, consecutive or orderly. The retreats are mainly a chance to sit with and learn from a "master" (Steven). We also learn from each other. In a way it's like satsang -- we gain as much from the "transmission" from our teacher, and the fact that we are together, as we do from the information.

However, the group is not for beginners. You don't have to be an expert astrologer -- there are both amateurs and professionals in the group and we are all being challenged to grow. But we do need to insist on a minimum level of astrological knowledge and a basic understanding of the symbols, just for ease of dialog.

The group thus far has become quite fluent in Natal symbols, Transits & Progressions, and Synastry (including composites). So a minimum, solid, self-designated "intermediate" level of knowledge is recommended.

The other thing that's recommended is a pretty good understanding of Steven's ideas and approach -- not only theoretically, but attitudinally. Steven's a unique guy, with a particular "view" towards astrological work. So it is strongly suggested that you read his three primary books (the "Sky Trilogy") before attending:
The Inner Sky
The Changing Sky
Familiarity with his other books, Skymates II, The Night Speaks, The Book of Pluto, and Measuring the Night, vols. 1 & 2, would be a plus.

If you would like to attend as a newcomer there are two recommended ways:

1) You can email me and tell me something about your astrological background, why you enjoy Steven's approach, and what you would like to get out of the sessions, or

2) You can be referred by Steven or one of his students.

Please feel free to ask me questions any time. My goal is to make sure you are satisfied. Thanks!

Vinessa • 10:00 AM •

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