January 01, 2005
Napa AP: Residential Retreat Style

Originally, the AP groups had been meeting in people's homes, which was lovely. However, many people had expressed a desire to experiment with having more of an "alchemical container" for the work we are doing together, without the "break-up" each day of going back out to drive on freeways, returning to separate hotel rooms, etc. Being with Steven is a transformative experience!! So many of us wanted more of a retreat, where the spiritual and psychic focus can be "held" more deeply for the 4 days, allowing greater intimacy to develop, with the symbols, with ourselves, and with each other.

The "branching off" of the Northern California group was a perfect opportunity to create this experiment -- continuing the program, but in a new venue, a retreat center in a natural setting, where accommodations, meals, meeting space and time with Steven are all included in one 4-day "package".

Vinessa • 09:30 AM •

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