May 27, 2010
All Hail, Lord Uranus!!

ALL HAIL, Lord Uranus!! Welcome to the house of the First Sign! We honor your creativity and genius! And pray that you will guide and encourage us to envision new enterprises, to launch new initiatives, and to be fully present in our hearts and minds, ready to respond to changing circumstances in support of our collective visions and dreams. All hail Lord Uranus's entry into the First Sign!!

The cycle of Uranus is 84 years. So unless a person is 84 or older, this is the first time in our lives that Uranus is entering the First sign of the zodiac. It is entering Aries today at 12:04pm PDT, 3:04pm EDT, and 8:04pm GMT, and will remain in Aries until mid-August when it returns to Pisces for several months, then re-enters Aries again next March, in 2011.

The entire astrological community is abuzz with the shift, expectant, excited. But how might regular people approach the energy shift consciously?

Here is one very good idea for the next 2-1/2 months. Meditate on how you, yes you, might become a *sudden pioneer*. Are you ready? Do you have something to offer? Can you respond quickly? What is unique about YOUR offering? And can you be attuned to timing, ...not push, not direct, but be ready at a moment's notice to step into position, should the call come?

For every one of us the answers to these questions will be different, and that's how it should be. After all, astrology is much more about the questions than it is the answers. People have sought answers for millennia, to marginal success. But when we dance with the questions we will always be right.

Remember that Uranus is tilted on is side, so its "revolution" is a little different. Unlike all the other planets, it rolls rather than spins. It's unique in the solar system, just like every one of us. All our unique revolutions are important, essential.

Expect the unexpected! Shout out YOUR revolution. Be a pioneer of YOU!! We need everyone.

When Uranus returns to Aries next March it will remain there until 2018.

Vinessa • 12:04 PM •

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