November 20, 2009
A Message from Saturn, through Mars in Pisces

If you know me, you know that I don't mean this with a heavy heart. I'm not negative for negativity's sake, merely pragmatic and realistic, which we then roll up our sleeves and get into. We are going to be plunging into poverty soon. It's actually an opportunity, but it will be disruptive and hurt many. The thing to do is hold hands.

I personally have been noticing people squeezing in, making room for each other in ways that are new to many of us. On Craigslist I've noticed people subletting PORTIONS of their living rooms, curtained off. Maybe two in there or three people share the space, like a dorm. You don't see that very often, but it is a way to survive.

The thing to do is be militaristic about it, disciplined. Lay out every possible framework you can, because it *is* stressful to live in close quarters.

Better yet would be to share a principle.

It can be done, and when we admire the Europeans (not make them into Gods, just admire them), it's because they went through this kind of experience, and it did draw them closer.

The hardest journey will be for the people who can't (or won't?) adapt, or use the change as an opportunity to problem-solve and create.

Nobody said living in the military was easy.

Let me tell you a story. It's just my story, there are others.

I stayed in a TINY studio apartment once with a friend of mine who was a struggling actress. A very good actress mind you, with a powerful persona and voice, and commitment, dedication. I was visiting down from art school in Maine.

The room was TINY (I already said that), so camp on the floor, sure. But my friend just felt natural and comfortable suggesting European style, and so we slept in her (double I think) bed together. My reticence wasn't impenetrable obviously, and being an Aquarian I ended up being game, but being lunar also I did hold back at first, wondered about this strange idea. I had never actually slept with anyone before, well, except for boyfriends, but this was a girlfriend, a sister, and I had never even slept with my actual sister!

Anyway, it was fine. And I remember sleeping with another friend another time also, it was simply convenient and cheap.

So! Please don't take this as advocacy of any particular "way" of living, only a story of how when we are pressed, or need to adapt, we can, and the "stress" of it might be optional, depending on how we approach it.

I hope we all get through. I hope flowers grow from this dormant, dark and cold yet fertile time. We simply MUST be warriors, who wear honor on our chests and sleeves, and whose lives are orderly. Laura E. recently committed to decluttering her life and simplifying, it's a fantastic thing to do. Pare down. Help each other, in ALL ways. And if possible, craft a statement about what you're about. Craft a statement of principles. If we find the light again (because you never know), or when we do, it will serve as a ducat, a pressed piece of gold, forged under heat and darkness, to be a treasure.

Blessings be, until we hail yet.

Vinessa • 10:08 PM •

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