Christmastide Day 2: December 26th
Finding My Way

We need monastic rules for our ordinary lives -- some small disciplines to admonish us to stop rushing, to get out into nature and look around. We need to sit in the dark or read poetry. We need to be still. We need to experience our aloneness apart from our roles. We need to make our own pilgrimage just as Mary and Joseph walked toward Bethlehem. We need to walk and walk and walk until we remember what really matters and how much it really matters. We need to walk until we remember there is no way life "should" be. We all made that up. Even so, we keep responding to life as if we were entitled to things. As if there were things we deserved to have, and now our plan is being spoiled.

I read the story of several middle-aged women who walked right out of their lives one day. Not forever, just for a while. They caused a great stir as they strode single file down the highway. They were instant news, but they weren't trying to be news. It had just occurred to them that they were too far from home, the inner home, and they pledged to walk until they felt reconnected. They needed to find their way back to themselves. So they slowed it all down. Stopped rushing. Started looking. The Christmas song says, "O Holy Night." But you have to be still to know it.

by Paula D'Arcy, Redbird Foundation
from the book: Daybreaks