November 03, 2008
On Location, Video-ing the Vote

Hi everybody -- I'm out here in Chicago at the moment, volunteering to help Video the Vote. It's a collaboration between Google/YouTube and PBS, where thousands of regular citizens with videocameras will be out there on election day, recording conditions at polling places -- if there are long lines, broken machines, anybody being discouraged or turned away, etc. I had a Southwest coupon and a couple of vacation days so I asked to help wherever they needed it. My location tomorrow will be Gary/Hammond, Indiana. Indiana is one of the swing states and Gary/Hammond, part of the greater Chicago metropolitan area, is a Democratic district in a Republican state, and has historically experienced confusion and problems while voting.

Watch the video above to learn more. In the past, the media also overlooked many problems. But this time the citizens will be watching.

To see live uploads from all around the country tomorrow, check out Video the

Vinessa • 03:24 PM •

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