October 26, 2008
A Voice Risen Against Violence

I don't watch television, but I heard on the news today that Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother were shot and killed last night, and her 7-year old nephew is missing. I discovered that Jennifer Hudson is a young, Academy Award winning actress and singer who came into public awareness via American Idol. I wanted to know a little more, so I did an image search and arrived at this YouTube video, which is a fantastic anti-domestic-violence song, and which, unbeknownst to me has also been at the top of the R&B charts for awhile.

Jennifer is a voluptuous (read not skinny) and powerful singer, and I am so inspired to discover that songs and messages like this are spreading in the mainstream. I love the first words of this video: "He's too possessive and too controlling, I can't be myself around him..." Right on! Love is respect, not manipulation or control.

Nothing can take away the shock and pain that has caused Jennifer's life to change forever. But I pray when she rises again from her grief, that the gifts her mother and brother gave her will continue to live on in her powerful voice and in more songs against objectification, dehumanization, and violence.

Vinessa • 10:22 AM •

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