October 04, 2008
A shocking, must-see report

This is an important, must-see report.

Very educational as well. I was struck most by the huge recycling opportunity outrageously not taken, the bizarre lawn-painting (what the f*?), and the city inspector’s work, unexpected but thankfully in our public interest (who knew?). The heart-rending situation is obvious. Take care of yourself after watching this. Get together with your friends. And I’m thinking the more aboriginal of us could maybe plan a trip with trucks and at least help this guy? Shamans and Grandmothers among us, tell us what to do. Are second-hand outlets so overloaded that so much valuable stuff has to end up in the landfills? There must be a way to stop this insane dumping. Can’t Wal-Mart at least pick the stuff back up? Don’t the people in Texas and Louisiana still need replacement things? We need ideas here, gang. On this posting I am going to open up comments, which I don’t usually do, so post a comment if you want. Other people will see it and you can see theirs.

Breathe, then please pass this on and get others on board.

Blessings all, good fruit *will* come out of this.

Vinessa • 07:02 PM •


As the Aquarians Aquarian and an astrologer who can astral travel and a shaman who enters dreamtime, nothing shocks me. : ) hehehehe

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