September 30, 2008
Broadsheet tool

This has become a most useful tool for me, a broadsheet of my own, customized with the news I want to see at a glance. It's under my Google account and shows whenever I am logged into Google (@gmail address). It's a great overview. My 3 columns are (roughly) US news overview on the left, progressive/geek/sustainability news in the middle, and international on the right. This lovely artist's theme was buried waaaaaay back in the thousands of themes available on Google but I like its look. Thank you Google for this offering.

(click picture to enlarge)

If you want one like this, go to Google, get an email account, then go to and set yourself up. In the art banner at the top of the page, at the bottom of the banner, note the tabs on the left, and the links on the right. With the tabs you can set up several sheets to show different things -- for example, this is my "News" tab. On the right are the links that take you into the themes.

I find this is an excellent way of staying informed.


Vinessa • 09:41 PM •

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