August 26, 2008
Spiritual Ethics

I've been consolidating files onto a new terabyte drive recently, and I ran across this ethics manifesto that I wrote about 10 years ago. I thought I would post it, for thoughts and comments. I pretty much still believe all this, nothing has changed. I'd be curious to know what you think. Thanks!


Spiritual power or personal power, can be misused. The feeling of power and influence over another is delicious, so we need ethics. We need to ask permission before sending someone healing energy, because who are we to claim to know what kind of vibration or energy another person needs? Can we simply trust the Divine’s plan for that person? And perhaps it is also a test for us, a test to know whether we can be respectful of boundaries, or have proper manners. We need to look inside and ask ourselves honestly, what is it exactly that is "pushing" this need to help another person?


1. We operate from a basis of respect and etiquette towards others.

2. We do not do healing work or send healing energy *to* someone without their permission.

3. We are constantly aware of the pitfall of how helping others makes us feel powerful, filled with authority, and in control.

4. We remember that we are only a channel for a higher power, and that the higher power is also testing us to see if we can use the power humbly, with respect, and for the highest good of all.

5. We remember that healing energy does not have a "pushing" quality. If we are anxious to help someone, that anxiety comes from *us*. Healing energy only flows.

6. We are continually conscious of our ethics, and how the choices we make affect everything around us.

7. We do not tell others what they should do. Spirit does not tell people what to do. Spirit only lights a path.

8. We honor everyone's right to make their own choice, without our commentary or criticism.

9. As healers, we offer our hands, remembering that it is only an offer. There is no obligation for the other person to accept.

10. We remember that everything, including that which we see as negative or unnecessary, has a purpose and in every moment should be honored for the opportunity it brings to transcend.

11. We keep a constant eye on what drives our own need for control and influence. We continue to do our own personal work, as deeply as we can, so that we can be genuine healers channeling true spirit.

12. We keep a constant eye on how we delude ourselves into believing that our motives are only pure, only altruistic, when a desire to "push" healing or enlightenment comes up

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