August 22, 2008
A Comparative Psychohistory of McCain and Obama

I've just finished a fascinating (if lengthy) article called A
Comparative Psychohistory of McCain and Obama
. It's very readable,
doesn't use academic language, and since Evolutionary Astrologers are
interested in psyches, I thought I would share it. From the beginning
of the article:

Major sections of this article will be devoted to comparing and discussing the family backgrounds, childhoods, coping mechanisms, expressions of emotion, narratives, and travels of John McCain and Barack Obama. The McCain military tradition, including his imprisionment, and his reputation as a maverick senator will be discussed, as will the issue of race in the context of Obama's search for racial identity and his political career as a black intellectual.

The article is 23 pages long, but the last three pages are all notes
and footnotes. It took me a few days to read it but it was totally
worth it. It would be interesting now to compare the reflections of
these psychohistorians to the candidates' birthcharts.

Click here to read the article. You can also right-click the link then "Save Target As" to your hard drive.

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