February 10, 2007
Napa AP: Digital Archive

Hi -- I'm working on a digital archive of all the Napa AP material, including our audio collection of example readings, which you will be able to listen to "on-demand" from your computer by just clicking on a link. CDs will also be orderable, but the online digital archive will come first.

Some audio will be "openly" available, meaning no password is required -- just click on the link and listen! I've put the nodal story reading Steven did for me up as a first example.
Nodal Story: Vinessa .....
Chart: (pop-up window) -or- (PDF file)
Other audio (most) will be protected under a password. If you have the password you will be able to freely listen to the bulk of the archive, streamed to you whenever you want. AP members will be the only people allowed to receive passwords.


I am putting up audio files of example readings first, with the charts in pop-up or PDF format. If anyone wants to contribute their audio readings to the digital archive, either on the open side or the protected side, please let me know! I don't need a digital file -- you can send me a copy of your cassette and I can turn it into an digital file. As a default, unless otherwise directed, all example readings in the Napa archive will go into the "AP protected" side. Click on the List of Napa AP Example readings to view what's available.


The lecture sets are taking longer to digitize, but soon I will have available:

Napa AP1 Lectures: Natal Symbols w/nodes
Napa AP2 Lectures: Transits & Progressions
Napa AP3 Lectures: Q&A

Next up will be the Moon Seminar, Mexico, the Chart Grab-Bag, and the original Laguna Beach sessions. I'll be working on developing all this through the summer -- stay tuned!

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