December 15, 2006
Star of Wonder

I thought the new movie, Nativity Story, was really good. If you've read the reviews you know that the character of Joseph is especially complex, but I appreciated the other characters as well, for example Herod (nasty man!), Mary's family, Zechariah and Elizabeth, etc.

The King of Kings, born to nobodies, for nobodies

There were only two faults that I could see in the movie. One, the angel of God was kinda flat, which, in some ways, might not have been bad. The "power" of God didn't come across, but the mystery of God did.

The other fault, in my opinion, was in the character of Mary. When she saw the messenger of God at first she was afraid (which makes sense). But when she obeyed and received the seed that would become Jesus, it was somehow wooden and emotionless. You didn't get the sense that she loved God or anything. Just that she was kneeling down and submitting. In other ways in the movie Mary is a great character. I wish her heart had come across in this scene more.

Three Magi (click on images to enlarge)

Anyway, overall I thought the movie was great. And I especially liked the depiction of the three astrologer-magis which brought a smile to my face. Very creative. And also astronomically and astrologically accurate, following the latest best thinking on the Star of Wonder, with a little extra added in, I won't give it away...

But below is a pretty good slide show on the current best scientific understanding of The Star. Click on the image to view it.


Only a week or so more to go now until the solstice and the turning back of the light...

May your holidays be safe and warm!

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