October 20, 2006
Birth of Alcoholics Anonymous

Hi everybody -- In honor of this Libra New Moon (which will conjunct many of our natal Neptunes) I thought I would post this info on the birth of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Some of you know that I've returned to Recovery, have been attending Al-Anon meetings again, and am finally doing the 12 steps with a sponsor. For 30+ years I've been dipping in and out of meetings, but never actually did the steps. I'm now finding it to be an awesome process. For example, I have a good mind... but so good that I can rationalize or gloss over the actual MECHANICS of change. Or rather, I can think and understand about change... all the while being unconscious in my actions and reactions. So the "steps" (and my sponsor) are leading me through, little by little, one step at a time and God willing, into awareness, honesty and surrender.

Anyway, I've been looking into the roots of AA and discovered that the "birth" of Alcoholics Anonymous is considered to be the date Bill W. was admitted to the hospital for the third time. The time of his admittance is recorded in the hospital records, and during this third stay is when he had a spiritual awakening, and the Program which has now helped millions was revealed to him. He never drank again after that.

Below is the chart -- AA has an Aquarius Moon!

(click on image to enlarge)

It's an interesting chart in a variety of ways. Hit the "comment" link below to add your thoughts!

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Vinessa • 02:02 PM •


Blessings to you in your quest, Vinessa. AA offers a genuine and sincere way to look at oneself and tools to handle what one sees! With my Pisces Asc. and Sun conjunct Neptune, I definitely had early tendencies toward substance abuse, but it was a series of spiritual experiences that shook me off of that road. I recognized that substance usage was in some way a means to "reconnect" to that dimension of the spiritual that modern society tends to disregard and criticize. It was that "split" that drove me slightly crazy. Most ancient cultures highly value and encourage their members, and have ritualistically established the means for the "vision quest"---to find oneSELF. To dive deeply within our inner most being to find our Truth--the journey takes courage and help---our Elders, guides, sponsors! I think our society's members' become addicted to substances because we do not collectively honor, value and validate our inherent resonance with the spiritual dimension. If we did, we probably would have fewer "addicts," psychotics, and neurotics---less dependence on alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals.

Thank you for sharing yourself---it is always inspiring for us all. Vast, vast universes of precious, sweet and sacred divine blessings to you, always, Hari Om, Parvati

comment by Parvati Premananda at 10:45 AM on 10.21.06 [ link ]

Just a few comments on AA's chart----Aquarius Moon definitely a humanitarian thrust/endeavor/emotional need, and with that Saturn conjunct--an indicator that it's not going to be a rosy ride, but will be a force of discipline (discipleship) and strong structure, especially with the help of friends and group endeavors (11th house). All of that great Sag. energy in the house of psychological transformation (8th)---the purpose (Sun) of which is to radically transform mentally and emotionally (Mercury and Venus), along with teaching others how to transform and inspiring many. The nodal axis (Leo South Node, Aquarius North Node) is an indicator that one must move from ego-centered (Leo) perspective to the "collapse of ego"--words of Jung-- (Aquarius) into more of a transpersonal perspective of oneself in the world. Jupiter in the 7th in Scorpio----"greater to give than to receive" and the intense commitment (Scorpio) to that transformational energy. Chiron's placement in the first---the wound of the self and in the healing, offering to others a way to heal as well. Uranus' placement in the 12th indicates the "behind the scenes" (no identification of last name) facet. Most interesting chart and seems to perfectly reflect AA's "goals"/ideals/achievements. Lots of great "stuff" there!!!!

comment by Parvati Premananda at 10:59 AM on 10.21.06 [ link ]
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