July 01, 2006
Napa Group memories

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Hi everybody -- Jane had sent pictures of the Spring 2005 retreat awhile back and I finally uploaded them today, along with various pictures of past retreats -- it's been a sweet and heartful walk down memory lane.

Road to Enchanted Hills, click on image to see Napa memories

I also wanted to let you know that for our last time together in Napa this upcoming September I've been able to keep the early-bird prices going, so there has been no price rise. Woo hoo! Early bird prices are still in effect and will continue until the retreat.

Registration is solid and has been ongoing, but I still do have spaces left, so if you're thinking about coming I hope you will!! Newcomers are also welcome -- it'd be a great opportunity for those of you lurking out there to experience a part of AP history before the next chapter unfolds.

Steve will be diving deep as usual into charts you all provide (all-chart grab-bag). Plus we're planning some cool optional evening activities and there will be time as usual to rest, explore and connect with our evolutionary soul brothers and sisters.

Click here for more information on the Fall 2006 retreat in Napa, September 8-12, including the topic description, prices, etc.

Until we're together again,

Vinessa • 01:30 PM •

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