March 28, 2006
Napa AP: Fall 2006 Retreat

A 4-day residential class/retreat with astrologer Steven Forrest in the hills above Napa, in California's wine country.
September 8-12, 2006
5pm Friday - 5pm Tuesday
Join us at Hogwart's West as Steven pulls charts from the Sorting Hat and models integrated, evolutionary readings. Charts to be provided by attendees, and can be natal, T&P, or synastry. In Steven's words:

In our "grab bag" format, we'll be experiencing 100% practical evolutionary astrology. The idea is simple: we pull a chart "from the hat," and work with it as we would in a counseling context. We'll explore three approaches. First, we'll do some piecemeal interpretation of specific, individual configurations. Second, we'll "speed-read" some charts in a more wholistic way, but with the aim of establishing a quick, integrated overview. And finally we'll go for the Holy Grail with at least a couple of charts: a full, integrated analysis of the entire message of past karma, present psychology, the synchronicities underlying "fate, luck, and chance" in the present life, and the ultimate evolutionary intentions of the soul.

See below or in the left sidebar for more information on the following topics:

- Cost + Registration (register by June 6th for early-bird rates)
- Information for Newcomers
- Retreat location: Enchanted Hills Camp, Napa
- Travel Planning
- Tourist Information for the Napa Valley

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