March 17, 2006
Sights and sounds of Patzcuaro

Breaktime Astrologers picnic

Well, the votes are in. The AP Retreat in Mexico was fantastic! The weather was glorious and warm, Patzcuaro was rich and magical, and the topic of the outer planets, the shifting of the ages and our role within that shift, was incredible and deep. Several healings occured, and many people started a new love affair with the heart of highland Mexico.

If you click on the pictures above you'll go to the photo area, where I've posted pictures of the retreat and our activities in Patzcuaro.

I also had a small digital recorder and was able to capture live music in various settings. Patzcuaro is a very cultural town and I hope these sound clips will also give you a feel for the place. Click on the links below to listen.

- Folk guitar/choral group practicing*
- Another folk guitar/choral group practicing
- Guitarist singing ranchera music in local restaurant*
- Purepecha wedding hymn
- Purepecha wedding allelujah
- Folk/pop singer in local restaurant
- Folk/pop singer #2*
- Folk/pop singer #3*
- Wandering mariachis in a little shack by the lake
- Wandering mariachis #2
- Mexican rock/pop group in local restaurant
- Mexican rock/pop group #2*
- Mexican rock/pop group #3*
- Mexican rock/pop group #4
- Mexican rock/pop group #5


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