February 04, 2006
Venus in Capricorn

Happy Venus Station in Capricorn! I hope the goddess of Love is treating you well. Below are a couple of resources you may find interesting.

Trick or Treat, by khayes on Flickr.com ... (I love the coolness of this baby)


If you haven't heard of it already, StarIQ is an astrological webmagazine published by Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer. They do a great job.

Among the cool things you will find on their website is a way to register with your birthdata and get a personalized planetary forecast customized to your chart (sample here), automatically emailed to you, for free, a few days before each event. An example would be Mars approaching a square to your Saturn, or Venus coming into sextile with your Sun. They leave out the Moon so as not to fill your mailbox, and the outer planets which are too slow to pinpoint. But they track the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. I like these emails because they are different than the Rob Hand material that Astrodienst uses, and which we are already familiar with. Check out the custom email horoscope subscriptions here.

They also have a streaming audio program called PlanetPulse, check it out here.


I just stumbled on Astrotheme this morning. It looks like it's in France, but it's interesting because you can look for famous people with Sun/Moon combinations -- or Sun/AS, Sun/Venus, Venus/Mars, etc. Also just planets in houses, planets in signs, and houses in signs.

They have 27,854 celebrities currently in their database, and the French pick interesting people, not just the standard ones we typically see. A quick glance shows James Redfield, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Peaches Geldof, Leland Stanford, Tupac Shakur, John Philip Sousa, Paul Hogan, and Vanessa Paradis. (Who is this woman? A French singer/actress, Johnny Depp's partner and mother of his child).

... (click on images to enlarge)

Here's the Astrotheme page for finding Sun/Moon combinations.


River of Night Koyaanisqatsi ... (click to enlarge)

Eric Francis has put together a beautiful and interesting site. Planet Waves is a feast for the eyes and mind. Eric lives in Paris and is a photographer and artist (gallery here) in addition to being an astrologer. (I'm picking up a theme here, does France have Venus in Capricorn?)

Some areas of the site are only available by subscription ($55 annually), including Planetary Waves Weekly, and a special Planet Waves Annual Edition. This year's annual edition is called Parallel Worlds. Check out the beautiful red Venus picture by clicking on the link. The intro is below.

Parallel Worlds, the 8th annual edition of Planet Waves, explores the mysteries of the next four seasons and far beyond. We'll have extended write-ups for each of the signs, with interpretations covering work, relationships and personal growth, plus articles on the main events of 2006: Pluto on the Galactic Core, Saturn opposite Neptune, the Centaur planets, the eclipses and much more.

Parallel Worlds looks far beyond 2006, and continues tracking the mysterious spiral road to 2012 -- a discussion begun in Bridge to the Core, the 2005 annual edition. We will have both Mayan and Western perspectives on this theme, including our first exploration of Pluto in Capricorn.

Other areas of the site are free, including Political Waves and Best of Planet Waves. "Best of" articles include:

- Death and the Moon
- Love in the Time of Depleted Uranium
- The Art of Rebellion
- An Excellent Moral Crisis (Chiron in Aquarius)
- Not Just a River in Egypt

and much more...

In honor of the Year of the Dog, Eric has also written a fun article this month called All Dogs Need Jobs featuring the dog All Bark.

All Bark, by Ronald Dahl ... (click on image to enlarge)

I hope you find these resources interesting.
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