February 06, 2006
Souls Journey & Primal Astrology

Hi -- This is just to let everyone know that later this year I am planning to sell the rights to two domain names I currently have registered. I never ended up building the websites; the two I currently have are enough for me. So if any of you are interested in having your own website, or changing your current name to something else, the two names I am selling are:

- primalastrology.com
- soulsjourney.com

Eclipse, by Via Keller at www.psycherotica.com ... (click to enlarge)

In a nutshell, domain names are registered with a registrar and there's an annual fee of $7-10 to maintain the rights. But since names are unique, they can be valuable in and of themselves. Only one person or entity for example has the rights to home.com, or shopping.com, or music.com. The current owner of realestate.com paid tens of thousands of dollars to purchase the name from someone who already had it registered.

I've had offers on soulsjourney.com in particular, one from a woman who runs Souls Journey, Inc., incorporated in Ohio somewhere. But she was incensed that I had grabbed the name 2 years previously and was so hostile and aggressive that I decided not to sell to her. (a soulful woman indeed!)

But I don't really need the names anymore and I'd rather offer them to you all, my family and extended community. They are good names, and if anybody wanted to do something rich and creative online, they would be getting real gems.

So if you're interested, write me an offer. Tell me what you would like to pay, and your vision, or what you would like to do with the name. I'll consider both in determining who to transfer the rights to. If you're on a shoestring but have a really cool and well-developed vision, that's great! And if you just want to keep the name(s) in your pocket as an investment instead, that's fine too.

June 18th looks like a good deadline for receiving offers -- it's a Uranus station, with Mars conj Saturn, and at tne end of the day an Aries Moon conjunct the North node.

So think about it. After you have the name in hand, your next step would be to purchase webhosting services (the actual e-space a website lives on). The webhost and registrar work together to "point" the name to your e-space. Having been through a few webhosts before this one, I can also recommend my current host very highly. They are very responsive, and hosting only costs $60 the first year, and $40 each year after. Check out the little banner at the bottom of the right sidebar if you're interested.

If you need any more information, let me know! If nobody scoops up these names I'll release them back into the public pool for anybody to grab.

Namaste y'all. ;)

Vinessa • 10:33 AM •

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