January 06, 2006
Astronomer Discovers Star of Bethlehem

Rutgers University professor believes Jupiter, other bodies key to biblical mystery

by Gordon Govier, Christianity Today

from the Molnar Collection ... (click on image to enlarge)

Could the purchase of an ancient coin have led to an important clue about the Star of Bethlehem? The above illustration is a Roman coin from Antioch, Syria which shows the zodiacal sign, Aries the Ram. In trying to understand the meaning behind this coin, Mike Molnar found that Aries was the sign of the Jews. Realizing that this is where ancient stargazers would have watched for the Star of Bethlehem, he embarked on searching for the celestial event that signified the birth of the Messiah in Judea.

Mike Molnar was a lot more interested in expanding his coin collection than figuring out the identity of the Star of Bethlehem when he ran across a 2,000-year-old coin at a coin show back in 1990.

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