January 06, 2006
Feast of The Star

Happy Birthday, Steve!!
May 'Your Goatiness' reach ever ascending heights! Below are some clips on the significance of this day. Like the Magi we adore you.

3 kings from the East
The Adoration of the Magi
by He Qi, China
(click on image to enlarge)

Your Students & Admirers
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Vinessa • 08:11 AM •


Happy B-Day Steve! I attended your Moon session in Napa Sept a year ago. Or was it August? Anyhow, it was a very important time for me and the information made some things finally fall in place for me.

So, thank you for being - from the bottom of my heart - always.

comment by Mary Messner (now Lewis) at 09:52 PM on 01.05.06 [ link ]

Wow! I'm surrounded by goats!! My father, daughter and Steve. Obviously I need the level headed influence only such people can provide. Have a peaceful birthday that renews and inspires you, Steve! You and Jody are in my thoughts.

See you at the next AP!

Take care,

comment by Brenda Disenhouse at 10:49 PM on 01.05.06 [ link ]

Gosh, I'm blushing!!!! (Capricorns are good at that!) Thanks!!!! And in the Miracle Department: I am TAKING THE DAY OFF!

comment by Steve at 05:08 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]


Happy Birthday! I am grateful to know you--a real treasure to the community of astrological artisans. I think of you often, down here in St. Louis. Hope to see you soon in Napa.
Ellen Bartin

comment by Ellen Bartin at 06:45 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

Happy Birthday, dear Steve!

I never connected that your b-day was the Feast of the Magi --- the most famous astrologers of all time! Whoa... [Insert "Outer Limits" music here.] How perfect :)

Glad you're performing the Capricornian miracle of taking the day off. Enjoy! Many happy returns.

Love, Anita

comment by Anita Doyle at 06:53 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

A poem by Kenneth Rexroth written for the Feast of the Magi:

Lute Music

The Earth will be going on a long time
Before it finally freezes;
Men will be on it; they will take names,
Give their deeds reasons.
We will be here only
As chemical constituents—
A small franchise indeed.
Right now we have lives,
Corpuscles, Ambitions, Caresses,
Like everybody had once—

Here ... at the feast
Of birth, let us bring to each other
The gifts brought once west through deserts—
The precious metal of our mingled hair,
The frankincense of enraptured arms and legs,
The myrrh of desperate, invincible kisses—
Let us celebrate the daily
Recurrent nativity of love,
The endless epiphany of our fluent selves,
While the earth rolls away under us
Into unknown snows and summers,
Into untraveled spaces of the stars.

~ Kenneth Rexroth ~
(Sacramental Acts)

comment by Anita Doyle at 07:03 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

May you look back at this new year and say without a doubt it was one of the best you've had. May you know unparrelleled happiness and MIND NUMBING contentment in your new year!


comment by Cheryl Hopkins at 07:48 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

May your day be filled with unalloyed bliss and your "new year" be filled to overflowing with all the "goodies" of love, light, peace, radiant health and prosperity, and revelatory revelations you can handle!

So super "reconnecting" with you this year at the Blue Sky Ranch astrology conference. You are a true sage, gentle, kind, and wise! Thank you for your beingness! Vast universe of precious, sweet and sacred divine blessings to you always, Hari Om, Parvati

comment by Parvati Premananda at 11:01 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

Happy BD to a true MASTER!!! My grandmother also shares your BD and would be 110 today. She enjoyed 96 years, so may you be blessed with a long, well lived life. No problem! I honor the wisdom and gifts you both brought into my life. With much love and gratitude, Betty O'Hara
(I miss the workshops with Maridell.)

comment by Betty O'Hara at 11:04 AM on 01.06.06 [ link ]


Incidentally I've been asked to throw back a few brewskis with the music gang at the local pub tonight. I'll drink one to you, and maybe we'll go make some noise afterwards. I'll hit the feedback pedal for you a couple times....heehee

Prost, you marvellous goat!

comment by Sven at 03:09 PM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

Seems that Saturn/Jupiter Returns remind one how wonderful and valuable some people are. I count you among this group. May your heart continue to radiate goodness and may this birthday year bring you much joy.

comment by Diana at 03:49 PM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

Happy birthday to you!
Wishing you peace, health, and happiness.
Patricia L.

comment by Patricia at 04:20 PM on 01.06.06 [ link ]



comment by MARY ANN MCGUIRE at 04:43 PM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

I send you Heartfelt Gratitude for the wisdom you have passed on, and now I pass on.
May this year bring a cresendo of harmonic balance.

comment by Deborah Dooley at 08:18 PM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

Happy Birthday Steve! Good for you in taking the day off. Somebody's gotta do it.

comment by Evelyn at 08:48 PM on 01.06.06 [ link ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY you ol' goat!!! {big playful wink} (Now that I have entered the hallowed halls of "elderdom" myself I guess I can say that. LOL)

I hope the year brings you mystery and passion in abundant measure... and the grace and humor to tweak the nose of fate when it gets too seroius.

Since you are a child of the Feast of the Epiphany (The Feast of the Magi) here is a poem I wrote awhile back about the wonders of epiphany... I thought it seemed especially appropriate for you Steve on your birthday. All the best my friend!

The Alaskan grizzly bear... Paul


I am the desire of the star
for the planet in its circular embrace

I am the desire of the wood
for the fire's sweet immolation

I am the desire of the song
for the ear of its beloved

I am the desire of the soul
for the soul of its desire

I am


comment by Paul at 09:06 AM on 01.07.06 [ link ]

A goatly nicker to you, Steve. I am deeply touched by the poetic lyricism you express astrology by. Thank you for the light you bring to our mutually conjured Universe. Looking forward to meeting in person in Mexico!

From, another January goat : )-c

comment by Camila Aguilar at 09:11 PM on 01.07.06 [ link ]

Hey Gang,
Thanks so much for all these sweet birthday wishes! (And immediately my mind goes to Gollum hissing "sweet fishes!") (I'm not going to think too deeply about that). I had a terrific day, and yesterday was Jodie's and my 22nd anniversary, so that was a big celebration too -- we did a radio show about our latest musical project, then went out to dinner with my other family (other than ya'all, that is) -- our band.
Thank you for being in my life and so supportive. I can't even begin tot ell you how much that means to me.

comment by Steve at 07:03 AM on 01.08.06 [ link ]
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