December 10, 2005
Steven Forrest AP in Mexico! March 3-8, 2006

Join astrologer Steven Forrest in the ancient and magical highlands of Mexico! as we journey through history and consider our evolutionary place in the cycles of time with The Outer Planets.

Our destination is sunny Patzcuaro, or Pueblo Magico (Magic City), a beautiful colonial town in the mountains above Morelia, Michoacan, where the indigenous Purepecha (or Tarascan) people still thrive. In the Purepecha language, Patzcuaro means "door to heaven", or "place where darkness begins", apt I think for our 'Scorpionic' exploration.

Join us as we explore beyond and within in this magical and colorful setting. Limited to 30 participants.

Click here or on the image above for more details.

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