November 04, 2005
AP News: Jane again

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Hi everybody -- this just in -- Jane Martin's current art show (see below) earned a full page review last Sunday in the New York Times (10/30/05). That's quite an accomplishment, BRAVO JANE!!

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Vinessa • 01:21 PM •


Congrats, Jane! I am really impressed with the evocative power and beauty of your images. I am also totally gratified and amazed at the number of gifted visual artists in the AP family. What a great tribe! And, Jane, you are the one wearing the flowers this week. We're all really proud of you. Love, Steve

comment by Steve Forrest at 02:21 PM on 11.04.05 [ link ]

Jane, nice job! Maybe things aren't quite as dreary as they seem in this country if you can get naked people into the newspaper. If anyone could pull it off, it would be you, of course :-). Great stuff, I hope to be in NYC soon, this time I promise I'll make it out to the Hamptons.

comment by Sven at 03:42 PM on 11.04.05 [ link ]

Congratulations Janie,
I was captivated by your beautiful images and left hungering for more!
You are so deserving of the attention from the NY times!
I think a West Coast show is in order!
I love and miss you,
Michelle S

comment by Michelle Silva at 12:03 PM on 11.05.05 [ link ]

Hi Beautiful Pluto Sister!
I am so proud of you; you've pulled so many threads of Light through unthinkable darkness and inspire us all to keep returning to the ultimate Truth of Peace within. Miss you, love you

comment by Cheryl Jones at 01:51 PM on 11.05.05 [ link ]

Congrats Jane! I'm so happy for you- I wish I could see your whole show! I love this one image. Very beautiful and haunting. I've tried to read the review on my computer but it's all garbled looking for some reason-- maybe you could forward it to me??
It's wonderful to see a fellow artist doing so well!

Michelle K

comment by Michelle K at 11:16 AM on 11.06.05 [ link ]

Thank you all so very much - I am so deeply touched by the posting of my article (Steve and Vinessa) and all your very beautiful and supportive responses. Your love enters as warmth spreading through my heart.
Far away but very close -
Love - Jane

comment by Jane Martin at 07:51 AM on 11.07.05 [ link ]
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