March 15, 2005
AP MEXICO! Travel Insurance

It's strongly suggested that you get travel insurance when travelling outside the United States. Coverage for a week ranges between $25-60 and includes emergency medical/dental coverage, evacuation, repatriation, and baggage loss (all during the trip).

The best company I have found thus far is Access America. Their service has always been swift and helpful, and I had to make a claim once, which they paid very quickly.

Since we're not taking a package tour, trip cancellation coverage isn't required. Thus the best coverage to get is either:

- Access America Classic Limited
- Access America Deluxe Limited

See also:

- Costs & Registration
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- Morning excursions (optional)
- About Patzcuaro, Mexico
- Current Weather & Forecast for Patzcuaro, Mexico
- AP Mexico FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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