March 15, 2005
AP MEXICO! Optional Morning Excursions

The Patzcuaro area is beautiful, with a vibrant indigenous culture called Purepecha. The Purepecha were never conquered by the Spaniards and have retained both their language and dress in daily life. They are fantastic craftsmen, known for their work in copper, wood, straw, and clay. In addition to its colonial history, Patzcuaro is also known for its setting near a large mountain lake of the same name. There are also several pyramids nearby, oriented celestially.

I've connected with a couple, a Purepecha woman and her American husband, who know the local area intimately and are willing to be our guides. The Purepecha woman knows all the local curanderas, midwives and healers. They also both know many of the old master craftsmen and women. We could do a variety of things, but probably foremost would be a walking tour of old town Patzcuaro one morning, and I would suggest a trip out to one of the less popular pyramids, uncrowded and off the beaten trail another morning.

With at least 8-10 people, a morning excursion would probably cost about $20 each.

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