March 15, 2005
AP MEXICO! Costs & Registration

- Regular rate: $560. Register by sending me a deposit of $300 minimum. Final balances are due at the retreat, although I would appreciate full payment before, ideally by Feb 15, 2006.
- Deposits and payments are not refundable after 12/31/05 unless there is a waiting list and I can find someone to fill your spot, in which case I will refund you 100%.
- Accommodations and meals are separate. See Accommodations & meals for more info.

- $50 discount to everyone if 16 or more people attend
- $50 additional discount for intermediate Spanish speakers and up who are willing to "buddy up" with a non-Spanish speaker and help them out as needed.

Below is a recommended total budget, including transportation, for planning.

Retreat fee: $560 (possibly less, depending on discounts)
Accommodations: $200 (using $40 per night average x 5 nights)
Meals: $150 (assuming $30 per day x 5 days)
Subtotal retreat: $910

Air transport: $300-650
Ground transport (to & from airport): $20-80
Optional morning excursions: $50 ($25 each x 2)
Spending money (you will want to buy things): $50-200
Total minimum cost: approx $1250
Total maxium cost: approx $1750

See also:

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