March 15, 2005
AP MEXICO! Accommodations & Meals

I've reserved a beautiful art-filled bed & breakfast for our gathering, La Casa Encantada, in the heart of colonial Patzcuaro. That is where the class will be meeting and staying. Accommodation costs are separate from workshop costs, but we are being given discounted accommodation rates. Your lodging bill will be with the Casa directly, but I am managing the room list, so contact me to arrange your accommodations.

See REMAINING ROOMS AVAILABLE for a list of spots currently available. (continually updated)

The rooms are imminently shareable, large, and many with different alcoves and/or lofts to separate people. But the best way this will work is if people plan on rooming in pairs, 3's or 4's. Can you come with a friend? If you absolutely must sleep singly, depending on how many beds you tie up, you may have to pay more.

Depending on which beds you select, the cost for accommodation will vary between $32-56 per person per night.

Breakfast is included in the accomodation rate, but lunch and dinner will be on your own. There are several good local restaurants nearby.

For overflow attendance up to our maximum group size, or couples (see below), a comparable sister B&B is available around the corner. Intrepid travellers are also welcome to make their own separate arrangements.


Classtime will be afternoons (starting between 1-2 pm) and evenings, leaving mornings free. Partners can come on this trip, but if they are not attending class they should be prepared to be independent during classtime.

Partners not attending class are welcome to come on morning excursions and out to lunch and dinner with the group. Alternatively, class members can choose to spend mornings and meal times with the partner.

Participants coming with a non-attending partner will get help reserving rooms in a nearby (comparable) sister B&B, leaving the Casa Encantada for AP students only and giving privacy to the couple.

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