January 01, 2005
Napa AP: Scholarships for Young Astrologers

Steven has always dreamed of creating reduced-rate spots for young astrologers who might not normally be able to study with a master astrologer. With these Napa residential retreats, we've had the opportunity to make that dream come true.

At each retreat, I am usually able to offer a few discounted "work-study" situations for young people (1st Saturn return or younger), whose astrological knowledge is at roughly intermediate level. See Information for Newcomers for more information on suggested background level.

Young people attend the same 4-day program including shared accommodation, all meals, classtime with Steven, and optional participation in evening programs. In exchange for the reduced rate, my expectation is that the "work-study scholar" will be available to help me with the retreat in small ways, such as fetching stuff, attending to the recorder taping Steven, etc. Nothing strenuous.

The scholarships are only available at Napa. San Diego arrangements and pricing are separate.

If you are interested in a discounted scholarship spot, or if you know someone who might be interested, please contact me.

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