January 01, 2005
Enchanted Hills Camp, Napa

Enchanted Hills is a retreat facility which in the summer runs as a summer camp for visually impaired children. It occupies 300 wooded acres on the side of a mountain above the Napa Valley in California's wine country. The main dining hall, cabins, and lodge surround a large, serene pond, and the "Kiva" building (classroom) is down the hill in a separate sunny meadow. There are many places to walk, through sunny expanses and glades, stands of redwoods, and a mixed forest of fir, bay laurel, and madrone. There's also a lovely fire circle where we often spend one or more evenings.

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There is a LODGE, and also little CABINS. The Lodge has 9 double rooms (2 twin beds in a room), with the bathroom/shower DOWN THE HALL. The cabins have 4 beds, but each has a private bathroom.

In order to make things 'fair', I have assumed that people wanting private rooms want to SLEEP privately. So what I do is put the private people in the Lodge (and make them go down the hall to pee) -- and put two people in each cabin. If you want to save some money, and don't mind sharing a little bit, do consider a cabin. There are 11 of them and they are really nice. They're shaped like a 'U' inside, with the bathroom in the middle, so each 'side', while there isn't technically a door between you and your cabin mate, is pretty private, with separate 'wings' like so:

There are only 2 triple rooms, right behind the kitchen. Each triple is one big room with 3 beds and a private bathroom.

Linens and blankets are all provided. Every cabin and room has thermostat-controlled heat.


The food at Enchanted Hills is homemade, delicious and plentiful. We never starve at Enchanted Hills! Cynthia and John are our hosts, and they take special pride in finding delicious recipes and preparing them with love and care. John especially is an excellent baker and makes fresh breads, foccacia, scones, muffins, and cookies for us every day.

Vegetarian options are available -- I generally order 1/2 vegetarian and 1/2 meat menu.

If you have food allergies, they can be accommodated within reason with advance notice. But individual orders are not available. If you have very special requirements you should consider supplementing yourself. We cannot cook in the main kitchen, but there is a full-size refrigerator in the Kiva for our daily use.

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